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More money is spent every year on “analog” Scratch-Off Game Cards than is bet in Las Vegas & Atlantic City Casinos combined.

Pro Marketing Systems Inc. is the world’s largest manufacturer and marketer of Unseeded* Instant Winner Game Cards. Since 1993 we have developed and supplied our copyrighted Sales Contest / New Client Rewards Game Cards to over 5,000 satisfied business clients in US and abroad.


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Send-Your-Friend Dentist Rewards Program

New for 2018, Rewards Card Pro has tailored & updated the time-proven “Send Your Friend”℠ Instant Scratch-Off Game,  long popular with Auto Retailers,  for the Dental Vertical. Using our copyrighted Dentist Rewards Club℠ program, rolling-out now nationwide, Private Practices can generate $200,000 and more in new patient billings

Friend & Family Referrals are a Proven way to Leverage & Grow Your Practice Business. When you make it Fun, Exciting & Rewarding for Your Current Customers to Seek Out and Send You a New Customer, over 8% Will and Do Send You Referrals. Our “Send Your Friend” Instant Game Cards have been a consistent hit in Auto Retailing for decades, and now we have a new program Tailored for Dentists.

Bottom Line: Our New “Send Your Friends” Dentist Rewards Club Campaign will help you acquire up to 200 New Patients**

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