The New SoCal Dealer TextLEADS solution is rolling out to Franchise and Independent Dealers in 2017. Currently 30 dealers are using the platform nationwide. Since 2015 beta and late 2016 launch, over 9,400 car buying prospects have opted into the platform.

What is the Process?

Shopper texts your Tailored Keyword, instantly they receive back information via SMS Text to their mobile device about specials, appraising their trade and applying for credit. You capture their mobile number that goes direct into your CRM ready for your team to call or text follow-up to continue the conversation and set the appointment. All Text Messages follow TCPA Guidelines and Best Practices.

Where are these Leads Generated From?

Dealer TextLEADS are organic exclusive leads generated from
1) your lot
2) your VDP pages
3) your vehicle photos with overlays out on 3rd Party sites (Autotrader, Craigslist, etc)
4) your print campaigns (Direct Mailers / Print Ads)

SoCal DealerTEXT

SoCal DealerTEXT

What is The SoCal Dealer TextLEADs Service?

SoCal Dealer TextLEADs is a mobile lead generating platform for Franchise and Independent Auto Retailers that generates on average 80-100 organic exclusive retail leads per month per Retailer with 20-25% average closing rate and $46 typical cost-per-sale.