Upsell Rewards / Texas Hold’Em Rewards Scratch-Off Program

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  • 1. Can I Customize The Reward Cards?

    Yes - each Rewards Program is 100% Custom Printed and tailored for each Dealer with the Prizes you want to offer and more. When you order please send your Dealer logo, Factory logo & other artwork ~our team will return a proof for your approval.

  • 2. How Do I Setup The Upsell Rewards Program ?

    First, determine the Reward Amounts that you want to offer. On each Upsell Rewards Card there are 400 chances to win. Most Service Managers make ONE Letter W on every Card to be worth either $250 or $500; they make TEN Letters I worth $50 or $100 and they make the remaining 389 letters N on the Card worth either $10 or $20.

  • 3. How Do I Manage The Upsell Rewards Program ?

    Tell Your Techs they get ONE scratch per RO provided the minimum Upsell is at least 1 hour of Customer Pay. Each Card is specific for each Tech and good for 5 Upsells / Scratches. Keep all the Upsell Reward Cards in your possession then EVERY MORNING before they start their day play the Cards and pay in CASH - on the SPOT right after they play! Complete the Reward Record on the back of the Card and turn into Payroll Department after the 5th Scratch - and give the Tech a NEW Card to play for 5 MORE Upsells.

  • 4. Do You Have Dealer References ?

    Since 1979 this is the #1 Technician Upsell system that has been used by 4000+ Service Managers, including:

    Bay Ridge Honda / Brooklyn, New York
    Creviar BMW ( Penske) / Santa Ana, CA
    Orange Coast Subaru (Penske) / Santa Ana, CA
    Hamer Honda (Ken Garff Group) / Reseda, CA