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Charge More…For Less with EVSE Bundles & Kit Solutions. Leverage Infrastructure, Save on Demand Charges and Installation Costs

Cyber Switching Kits & Bundles

Cyber Switching ProductFleet Cost*UseBase Configuration
EVMC EV Station
$5,399Leverage Legacy EV Station Infrastructure.
Rotationally charge up to 4 EVs on 1 Single 208/240v Circuit
qty.1 EVMC Controller
qty.1 NEMA Enclosure
EVMC Dashboard
(no chargers)
FLEET BUNDLE #1-CC4$7,699New EV Infrastructure
Rotationally charge up to 4 EVs on 1 Single 208/240v Circuit
Remote Access via Wireless Ethernet
qty.1 EVMC Controller
qty.1 NEMA Enclosure
qty.1 Wireless Ethernet
EVMC Dashboard
qty.4 ClipperCreek HSC-40 Chargers
FLEET BUNDLE #2-CC10$26,542New EV Infrastructure
Rotationally charge up to 10 EVs on two 208/240v Circuits
Remote Access via Wireless Ethernet
Two Priority Charging Stations
Submetering All Stations
Remote Power Management System
qty.2 EVMC-PC Controller
qty. 2 Smart Submeter Modules
qty.1 Multipoint Submeter Hub
qty.3 NEMA Enclosure
qty.3 Wireless Ethernet
EVMC Dashboard
1 Year subscription to ePower EMD Cloud-Based Energy Management Dashboard
qty.10 ClipperCreek HSC-40 Chargers
* prices excluding freight, taxes & installation

EVMC Controller Standard Specs*

a) Input: 208~240Vac 40 amp

b) Output: 277Vac 30 amp | 240Vac 40 amp

c) Number of stations powered by one EVMC:

4 chargers 7.7Kw ~ 9.6Kw Level 2 (dumbchargers)
8 chargers 3.8Kw Level 2 (dumbchargers)

d) Certifications: UL916 and CAN/CSA 22.2 No.2015-12

*Expanded DCFC Support coming 2018

Questions?  please call 562-883-0310 or email: fleetev@gmail.com


Lower Budget:
Less Install Cost + Reduced Ongoing Demand Charges

Integrates with Leading Chargers (L1, L2, DC)

Charge Up to 10 Vehicles on 1 Single Circuit

Real-Time Control:
Manage EV Charging Infrastructure via Cloud Dashboard

The Cyber Switching EVMC patented power solution reduces the electrical infrastructure needs for EV charging for passenger vehicles as well as fleet bus and truck charging. The Made-in-USA EVMC provides substantial savings to the installation costs of EV charging stations and enables lower monthly utility costs. Compatible with most all Commercial Chargers (L1, L2, DC), the EVMC can be used in New Installations as well as retrofit on existing Charging Stations.

Questions?  please call 562-883-0310 or email: fleetev@gmail.com


1) Cyber Switching Product Line: 1 page

2) EVMC Brochure w/ Schematic: 4 pages

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4) Charge More–For Less Presentation Deck: 14 slides

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6) Videos
a) Infrastructure Submetering: 30 seconds

b) EVMC Install Video w/ Embedded Control Software: 4 minutes

c) Multi-Point Submeter Install Video: 4 minutes