Intellimeter Canada Selects SoCal Digital Agency for California

12/14/2017: SoCal Digital Agency has been selected as the California
Factory Representative for Smart Meter manufacturer Intellimeter
Canada Inc (ICI). Formed in 1991, Pickering, Ontario-based ICI
provides innovative smart metering solutions that deliver real-time
energy information to thousands of clients in Canada, US and

The Intellimeter ISO certified Sub-Meters come with Revenue Grade
certifications from Measurement Canada and Weights & Measures
California for Accuracy as well as UL and CSA certifications.

SoCal Digital will focus on growing the Electric Warehouse Distributor
channel in California, building on the local 7,000+ Intellimeter
installed-base while promoting the ICI i-Meter® Hardware & Software
Solution to comply with California’s Title 24 Building Energy
Efficiency Standards and LEED Certification.

The ICI Revenue Certified Smart Sub-Meter lineup is a perfect
compliment to match with the Cyber Switching Electric Vehicle Motor
Controller (EVMC) for EV Charging Infrastructure projects.