TextREWARDS: 70% of Your Leads Visit when you offer Fun, Wow & Free Cash

TextREWARDS & INTERNET CASH REWARDS℠ . . .simply work!

Wards Automotive Report: “The online / mobile Buyer shops 6 dealers!”

Crazy competition including True Car makes it almost impossible to get more than 30% of your Leads to show up and that is precisely why you need a unique proven offer [ a Hook ] that no one else has!


More Traffic = More Deliveries


Our combo Text, Internet & Phone-up Hook will rewrite your closing record book. We Custom Print the Scratch-Off Cards & train your team on how to execute on all of your prospects.


2017 Program Data: 70% show up to collect their Free Internet Cash Rewards….paid AFTER they come in!

Over 5,000 new & used dealers including Jim Moran, Red McCombs, Bruton Smith, Fletcher Jones, Hank Torian, Tex Earnhardt, Terry Taylor, Mike Maroone, Terry Hanks, Rick Hendrick, Lithia, Auto Nation, Penske and more have used a Ken Pletz scratch-off promotion.

Get Direct Text Leads & Close More Deals with SoCal Dealer TextLEADS

Socal DealerTEXT

SoCal Dealer TextLEADS will be one of the TOP 3 lead producers coming into YOUR Dealership CRM!


Mobile Generated Leads are CRITICAL in the Sales Process.

It’s SIMPLE 1-2-3:

 Mobilize Your Inventory, Get Direct Text Leads & Close More Deals

With SoCal Dealer TextLEADS you will generate hundreds ​​more active buyer leads from your lot, your website, your print campaigns and 3rd party sites.

We drive highly-targeted leads generated by our unique mobile platform which mobilizes your entire vehicle inventory.

Dealer Testimonials

“One of the hottest leads in our CRM. These leads are ready to pull the trigger – 5 Stars” / Ford Dealer

“60 leads in just 2 weeks! I’m impressed” / Nissan Dealer

“It has given our customer a desired method to communicate with us. Each mobile lead is specific to a vehicle in our inventory. The level of engagement with this tool is amazing. This isn’t chat leads, this is a bonafide specific car lead” / Hi-Line Pre-Owned Dealer

NEW for 2017, the SoCal Dealer TextLEAD Text Lead Generating platform  includes:

SoCal DealerTEXT

Our software integrates with your entire inventory creating individual campaigns for each vehicle in stock. Each campaign is exclusive to the vehicle’s stock number. Drive leads into your CRM at the click of a button. Give your customers the option of texting you to get the information they want. A click gets them the info on the vehicle they want right now, your CRM gets the lead. These buyers are at the end of the buying cycle.

SoCal DealerTEXT

Turn your photos into lead producers. Simply by add a “Keyword” specific to a campaign to drive leads from 3rd party websites like Autotrader, Cars.com, Craigslist and more. Overlays are easy to create and implement to produce leads for your store all over the web. Shopper text the keyword, instantly they receive information to the mobile device about specials, appraising their trade and applying for credit. You get their mobile number so you can instantly call or text to speak to them.

Turn your lot inventory into a mobile lead generating machine. Simply add a hang tag or window sticker to every vehicle in your inventory and watch leads fly into your CRM. Keywords can be specific to models, so you know exactly what vehicle your customer is interested in.

Maximize your ROI on your mailers by adding a text to keyword to drive more lead into your CRM. Keywords can be specific to any campaign you build so your sales team knows exactly how to respond.

Using the integrated TextREWARDS Module, you offer ALL Leads Fun, Wow & Free Cash and then watch as 70% will visit your showroom late in the buying cycle / uses optional Internet Cash Rewards Scratch-off Cards

With the Integrated Birthday Club module, you can enable All Clients to easily sign-up for your new Birthday Club via Text and Receive Oil-Change Coupons to use on their Special Day.

Enable your Service Clients to Set & Confirm Appointments via Text on their Phone. Meanwhile, your Service Advisers can also use SoCal DealerTEXT to generate more Upsales while the customer’s vehicle is on the lift.


SoCal Dealer TextLEAD delivers a complete in-house mobile lead generation solution for Auto Retailers. Our robust web-based software allows auto dealers to create and manage multiple mobile campaigns with a versatile and easy to use platform.

2017 Program Subscriptions for the SoCal Dealer TextLEAD Platform

  • $799 per month for Single Point Stores
  • $699 per month per Store for Multi-Point Chains
  • First Month FREE
  • Every 12th Month FREE

These are Flat Rate Prices that include Team Training & Unlimited Capacity text messages–never a cap or surcharge.  $395 one-time Set-Up per Store.

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Upsell Rewards Case Study: 10,500 Upsells at Lithia Chrysler Reno

Upsell Rewards Case Study: 10,500 Upsells at Lithia Chrysler Reno generated over $1,000,000 additional Customer Pay + Parts.

Order Your Upsell Rewards here http://socaldigital.us/order/

Upsell Rewards Case Study

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I have been using Pro Marketing’s Technician Upsell System for over 20 years! It motivates my Technicians to look for needed work not written on the RO. The Program increases my “Customer Pay” business $60,000 per month plus it eliminates almost all of our “Come-backs”…I strongly recommend this great motivator to any Service Manager!
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