The Leading Tech Upsell System: Upsell Rewards

The Leading Tech Upsell System: Upsell Rewards

The Leading Tech Upsell System: Upsell Rewards

Since 1979, this is the #1 Technician Upsell System that has been used by over 4,000 Auto Dealers to make it fun & exciting for their Techs to find needed repairs not written on the RO.

To Whom It May Concern:
I have been using Pro Marketing’s Technician Upsell System for over 20 years! It motivates my Technicians to look for needed work not written on the RO. The Program increases my “Customer Pay” business $60,000 per month plus it eliminates almost all of our “Come-backs”…I strongly recommend this great motivator to any Service Manager!
Very Truly Yours,
Anthony Galante
Service Manager
Bay Ridge Honda
Brooklyn, New York 11209

More California Dealer References:

  • Creviar BMW / Penske (over 10 years customer)
  • Orange Coast Subaru / Penske
  • Hamer Honda / Ken Garff Group



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  • 1. Can I Customize The Reward Cards?

    Yes - each Rewards Program is 100% Custom Printed and tailored for each Dealer with the Prizes you want to offer and more. When you order please send your Dealer logo, Factory logo & other artwork ~our team will return a proof for your approval.

  • 2. How Do I Setup The Upsell Rewards Program ?

    First, determine the Reward Amounts that you want to offer. On each Upsell Rewards Card there are 400 chances to win. Most Service Managers make ONE Letter W on every Card to be worth either $250 or $500; they make TEN Letters I worth $50 or $100 and they make the remaining 389 letters N on the Card worth either $10 or $20.

  • 3. How Do I Manage The Upsell Rewards Program ?

    Tell Your Techs they get ONE scratch per RO provided the minimum Upsell is at least 1 hour of Customer Pay. Each Card is specific for each Tech and good for 5 Upsells / Scratches. Keep all the Upsell Reward Cards in your possession then EVERY MORNING before they start their day play the Cards and pay in CASH - on the SPOT right after they play! Complete the Reward Record on the back of the Card and turn into Payroll Department after the 5th Scratch - and give the Tech a NEW Card to play for 5 MORE Upsells.

  • 4. Do You Have Dealer References ?

    Since 1979 this is the #1 Technician Upsell system that has been used by 4000+ Service Managers, including:

    Bay Ridge Honda / Brooklyn, New York
    Creviar BMW ( Penske) / Santa Ana, CA
    Orange Coast Subaru (Penske) / Santa Ana, CA
    Hamer Honda (Ken Garff Group) / Reseda, CA



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