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For 2018, we offer

  • VYRILL Market & Brand Intelligence Dashboard
  • Cyber Switching EVMC Power Solutions for Electric Vehicles
  • Intellimeter Revenue Certified Smart Meters
  • PayJunction Paperless Billing Software & Smart Terminal
  • Upsell Rewards Program (see http://RewardsCard.pro )

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SoCal Digital Agency is the Authorized Factory Representative for Cyber Switching.

Benefits of our EV Bundle Solution include:
>> leverage charging infrastructure
>> remote charging management
>> reduce installation budget
>> reduce ongoing demand charges up to 75%

Formed in 1994, privately held San Jose-based Cyber Switching provides
Innovative Solutions for Building Infrastructure Power Management,
Electric Vehicle Charging, Power Submetering & Intelligent Data Center
Power Control. Satisfied clients include Cisco, Google, HP,Flextronics,
HP, Adobe, US DoD, Broadcade, Princeton University, Foxconn & more.

Cyber Switching’s patented UL-listed system switches power to multiple
charging stations in a “round-robin” scenario, so that a single
electrical line can feed multiple charging stations, with power
incrementally rotating on a programmable timed basis to each vehicle.
The EVMC also polls the charging status prior to charging a vehicle
and, if charged, moves on to the next vehicle in line.

The Cyber Switching EVMC rotational controller:

1) enables charging multiple EVs on a single circuit saving on install
& demand charge budget

2) works with most all L1 / L2 “dumb chargers” but controllable via
embedded dashboard accessed remotely

3) offers various options for Priority Charging, Scheduling, Sequencing and more

4) a great solution for:

a) retrofits on already installed EV charging Stations – “charge 4 Evs
on 1 circuit”

b) small & medium duty EV Truck Delivery Fleets with small terminals

c) parking garages

Cyber Switching Express Order Form http://fleetev.us 

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