1. SoCal Dealer TextLEADS Platform
  2. Upsell Rewards / Texas Hold’Em Rewards Scratch-Off Program

SoCal Dealer TextLEADS Platform

  • Digital TextLEADS
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  • 1. What is The SoCal Dealer TextLEADs Service?

    SoCal Dealer TextLEADs is a mobile lead generating platform for Franchise and Independent Auto Retailers that generates on average 80-100 organic exclusive retail leads per month per Retailer with 20-25% average closing rate and $46 typical cost-per-sale.

  • 2. Where are these Leads Generated From?

    Dealer TextLEADS are organic exclusive leads generated from
    1) your lot
    2) your VDP pages
    3) your vehicle photos with overlays out on 3rd Party sites (Autotrader, Craigslist, etc)
    4) your print campaigns (Direct Mailers / Print Ads)

    SoCal DealerTEXT

    SoCal DealerTEXT

  • 3. What is the Process?

    Shopper texts your Tailored Keyword, instantly they receive back information via SMS Text to their mobile device about specials, appraising their trade and applying for credit. You capture their mobile number that goes direct into your CRM ready for your team to call or text follow-up to continue the conversation and set the appointment. All Text Messages follow TCPA Guidelines and Best Practices.

  • 4. When?

    The New SoCal Dealer TextLEADS solution is rolling out to Franchise and Independent Dealers in 2017. Currently 30 dealers are using the platform nationwide. Since 2015 beta and late 2016 launch, over 9,400 car buying prospects have opted into the platform.

  • 5. Why Text?

    Mobile Devices are everywhere and SMS Texting out-performs email.
    Here are some SMS Text Macro Facts:

    • Over 80% of American adults text, making it the most common cell phone activity. (Pew Internet)
    • Text messages have a 98% open rate, while email has only a 20% open rate. (Mobile Marketing Watch)
    • Text messaging has a 45% response rate, while email only has a 6% response rate. (Velocify)
    • The average Millennial exchanges an average of 67 text messages per day (Business Insider)
    • American women text 14% more than men. (Nielsen)
  • 6. What is Included ?

    Platform Primary Components

    1) Lot Text Lead Generator
    2) Photo Text Lead Generator
    3) Web To Text Lead Generator
    4) Mailer Text Lead Generation

  • 7. How Much for Dealer TextLEADS?

    2017 Program Subscriptions for the SoCal Dealer TextLEAD Platform
    $799 per month for Single Point Stores
    $699 per month per Store for Multi-Point Chains

    First Month FREE
    Every 12th Month FREE

    Includes Bonus Pro Bundle of

    Simple Flat Rate Prices includes:
    Unlimited Capacity text messages/no caps
    5 Tailored Keywords per Store
    Team Training

    $395 one-time setup fee per store

  • 8. How Do I Order Dealer TextLEADS?

    The subscription is month-to-month and can be cancelled anytime.

    Online Order Form http://socaldigital.us/order

  • 9. How Do I Pay?

    We utilize partner Paypal to manage the subscription and automate the monthly credit card payments. Once we receive your Order, we will issue an Online Invoice via Paypal Business Account for the service including start date and the $395 per store set-up fee.

    The First Month is Free and the Monthly Subscription Fee begins from Month 2.

  • 10. How Do I Set-Up Dealer TextLEADS?

    Our Team will work with you to get set-up and smoothly integrated with your system asap.

    The Set-up Process includes:
    1) Install / Add Keyword Overlay on Inventory Feed
    2) Web Text Widget Installed on SRP
    3) Web Text Widget Installed on VDP
    4) Integrate CRM Email into Lead Fead
    5) Training for Initial campaign

  • 11. How Do I Manage Dealer TextLEADS?

    Once onboard you have your own Dealer Dashboard on the Platform

  • 12. What Support is Available?

    Once Set-Up, we have a full knowledgebase and Support Ticket system in your Admin Dashboard. We provide email support in the standard subscription package, if your Dealership is interested in Advanced Support Options, please ask.

  • 13. Are Keyword Overlays Difficult?

    Keyword Overlays are very easy to create and implement to produce quality organic leads for your store all over the web. We will help in your Set-up

  • 14. Dealer Testimonials?

    “One of the hottest leads in our CRM. These leads are ready to pull the trigger – 5 Stars” / Ford Dealer

    “60 leads in just 2 weeks! I’m impressed” / Nissan Dealer

    “It has given our customer a desired method to communicate with us. Each mobile lead is specific to a vehicle in our inventory. The level of engagement with this tool is amazing. This isn’t chat leads, this is a bonafide specific car lead” / Hi-Line Pre-Owned Dealer



Upsell Rewards / Texas Hold’Em Rewards Scratch-Off Program

  • Upsell Rewards
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  • 1. Can I Customize The Reward Cards?

    Yes - each Rewards Program is 100% Custom Printed and tailored for each Dealer with the Prizes you want to offer and more. When you order please send your Dealer logo, Factory logo & other artwork ~our team will return a proof for your approval.

  • 2. How Do I Setup The Upsell Rewards Program ?

    First, determine the Reward Amounts that you want to offer. On each Upsell Rewards Card there are 400 chances to win. Most Service Managers make ONE Letter W on every Card to be worth either $250 or $500; they make TEN Letters I worth $50 or $100 and they make the remaining 389 letters N on the Card worth either $10 or $20.

  • 3. How Do I Manage The Upsell Rewards Program ?

    Tell Your Techs they get ONE scratch per RO provided the minimum Upsell is at least 1 hour of Customer Pay. Each Card is specific for each Tech and good for 5 Upsells / Scratches. Keep all the Upsell Reward Cards in your possession then EVERY MORNING before they start their day play the Cards and pay in CASH - on the SPOT right after they play! Complete the Reward Record on the back of the Card and turn into Payroll Department after the 5th Scratch - and give the Tech a NEW Card to play for 5 MORE Upsells.

  • 4. Do You Have Dealer References ?

    Since 1979 this is the #1 Technician Upsell system that has been used by 4000+ Service Managers, including:

    Bay Ridge Honda / Brooklyn, New York
    Creviar BMW ( Penske) / Santa Ana, CA
    Orange Coast Subaru (Penske) / Santa Ana, CA
    Hamer Honda (Ken Garff Group) / Reseda, CA